Man Entry Surveys
Man Entry Surveys
Man Entry Surveys

Although quite rare thanks to the vast improvement in CCTV inspection technology over recent years, there are still inspection situations where the traverse of a large sewer or tunnel remains the only suitable option to gain useful data on the condition of the structure. There are times when there is no substitute for touching and probing a structure to help to assess its structural integrity, that’s when our clients call upon our specialist sewer traverse teams. Sometimes only human intervention and assessment will do. Walk through inspections are potentially very dangerous and require a detailed risk assessment and military efficient method.

Our confined space surveying teams are fully trained and qualified to suit even the most awkward of confined spaces. With access to specialist davits, stretchers, access trolleys and rescue equipment and rescue team, our teams can plan for all eventualities and leave nothing to chance. Whilst manholes and septic tanks are obviously dangerous confined spaces, the true definition includes areas and spaces that are substantially but not entirely closed off such as trenches, where there is a foreseeable risk of fire, explosion, asphyxiation and drowning. Only the most experienced personnel with strict working codes enter the space using state of the art monitoring and escape equipment. Underground Surveys teams are fully trained and very experienced in walk through inspections.

Confined Space Entry regulations quite clearly state that persons shall not be put at risk by entering a confined space where a safer alternative exists. In the case of very large sewers and tunnels or where access points are a great distance apart, inspection by CCTV methods just isn't an option and the only alternative (assuming not undertaking the inspection isn’t an option) is to introduce a traverse team into the sewer to carry out the survey.

Because of the inherent dangers involved in this process, the teams are hand picked due to their extensive experience in traversing sewers, this is not an environment for the faint of heart!

Strict operational procedures are followed, backed by job specific Method Statements and Risk Assessments. If it is deemed that a separate Emergency Rescue capability is required, Underground Surveys use the most skilled, trained and experienced teams for the job.

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