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Underground Surveys (UK) Ltd has been established since 1994 and provides a comprehensive and professional CCTV Drainage Services to am impressive array of companies and organisations. These include:


Our CCTV Drainage surveys are carried out with the most advanced state of the art technology, using the highest quality and specification plant and equipment to ensure that we can offer the highest standard of service to both our commercial and domestic customers. All the survey work we undertake is in accordance with our IAB accreditation and the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.


The mini cam Push rod systems is used for easy pipeline inspection. The system utilise a robust design, built to withstand the harsh conditions associated with pipe inspections. State of the art technology is used to ensure you get perfect picture quality every time.


The Ipex system can easily survey any pipe size, material and condition. Steerability and a short wheelbase help it navigate past debris, offsets, and inverts. Built for extreme inspections, steerable ROVVER™ pushes past debris, inverts and offsets to capture vivid inspection footage.


Our sophisticated reports are provided back to our customers in Wincan format which enables our surveying teams to critical inspect work rapidly and thoroughly. The surveys are recorded digitally and still images can be taken at the time of the drain survey.

We work with the industry standard of Infonet and Wincan software producing drainage inspection reports, structural grading reports, (files for water company) compatibility. We can CCTV survey any pipe size.

All data is burned onto DVD with supporting mpeg footage and jpeg files and a freeware viewer is also supplied to make it easy to share inspection results.Hard copies and electronic copies can be supplied. All surveys are subject to quality control and are validated using industry standard guidelines and software.

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Manchester City Council bridges group is responsible for inspecting and maintaining over eight hundred bridges and highway...
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Rick White, Manchester City Council